2nd International Conference of
the European Society for the History of Science

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The Global and the Local:

The History of Science and the Cultural Integration of Europe

Cracow, Poland, September 6-9, 2006

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Online Book of Abstracts - DISCUSSIONS

Edited by Michal Kokowski


Round-Table Discussion D-0.

History of Science in Education and Training in Europe:
What New Prospects?


Claude Debru (Paris, France)

Round-Table Discussion D-1.

Working Together:
History of Science Societies around the World


Prof. Ronald L. Numbers (USA)
President of the IUHPS / DHST

Prof. Eberhard Knobloch (Berlin, Germany)
Incoming President of the ESHS and President of the Academie Internationale d'Histoire des Sciences

  • "Introduction" by Prof. Robert FOX (Outgoing President of the ESHS)
  • "Working together: What will future historians of science need?" by Prof. Joan CADDEN (Davis, USA), President of the History of Science Society,
  • Prof. Claude DEBRU, Société d'Histoire et d'Epistémologie des Sciences de la Vie
  • Prof. Roman DUDA, Vice-chairman of the Committee for the History of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Prof. Noah EFRON, President of the Israel Society for the History and Philosophy of Science
  • Dr. Anja Skaar JACOBSEN, President of the Danish Society for the History of Science
  • Prof. Frank JAMES, President of the the British Society for the History of Science
  • Prof. Bernard JOLY, President of the French Society for History of Science and Technology
  • Prof. Efthymios NICOLAIDIS, Director of Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation,
  • Prof. Bert THEUNISSEN, President of Gewina: The Dutch Society for the History of Medicine, Science, Mathematics and Technology

Round-Table Discussion D-2.

The History of Science and the Cultural Integration of Europe:
Barriers and Opportunities


Robert Fox (Oxford, The Great Britain)

Michal Kokowski (Cracow, Poland)


  • Prof. Fabio BEVILACQUA (Pavia, Italy), Vice-President of the DHST / IUHPS
  • Prof. Hans-Joachim BRAUN (Hamburg, Germany), President of the International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC)
  • Prof. Claude DEBRU, (Paris, France), Vice-Chairman of the Programme Committee of the 2nd ICESHS, Co-Chairman of Symposium E1: "History of science in education and training in Europe: what new prospects?"
  • Prof. Eberhard KNOBLOCH (Berlin, Germany), Incoming President of the ESHS
  • Prof. Helge KRAGH (Aarhus, Denmark), Co-Chairman of Symposium R-9: "Global Physics and Local Research in the 20th Century"
  • Prof. Víctor NAVARRO BROTÓNS (Valencia, Spain), Chairman of Symposium R-16: "The Iberian World and the modern Science: a comparative perspective"
  • Prof. Efthymios NICOLAIDIS (Athens, Greece), Secretary General of the DHST / IUHPS
  • Dr. Geert SOMSEN (Maastricht, The Netherlands), Co-Chairman of Symposium R-17: "Politically active Scientists in the 20th Century"
  • Prof. Geert VANPAEMEL (Leuven, Belgium), Co-Chairman of Symposium R-18: "Circulating Knowledge: A European perspective on communication of science"
  • Prof. Eva Katalin VAMOS (Budapest, Hungary), Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee of the 23rd International Congress of the History of Science (26 - 31 July 2009, Budapest, Hungary)
  • Dr. Annette VOGT (Berlin, Germany), President of the Commission "Women in Science" of the DHST / IUHPS, Co-Chairman Symposium R-10: "From Maria Sklodowska-Curie to the 21st century: Working on women and science in history of science"
  • Prof. Andrzej K. WROBLEWSKI (Warsaw, Poland), Plenary Lecturer of the 2nd ICESHS

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